Huge Energy Attended the 17th China New Energy International Expo & Summit Forum 2023-11-27

The 17th China New Energy International Expo and Summit Forum (NEX 2023) was successfully held in Xi'an on November 23-24 under the guidance of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and co-sponsored by the All-China New Energy Chamber of Commerce and the Development and Construction Management Committee of the Xian New Area in Shanxi Province. Huge Energy was invited to attend the event to talk about the development of new energy industry and help modernization with experts, scholars, business leaders and industry media from home and abroad.

17th China New Energy International Expo

Huge Energy

This year's event is committed to creating a platform for publicity, exhibition, exchange and cooperation for the new energy industry, focusing on industry hotspots such as multi-energy complementarity, application scenarios and new business models, and sharing the latest views on industrial ecology, technology iteration and cutting-edge observation through the form of "exhibition and research combination", to comprehensively display the new technologies, materials, products and business models of the new energy industry chain from domestic and international sources.

Dialogue with PV Leaders. Digital Intelligence for the Future

At the PV Leaders Professional Forum, Mr. Lai Hongze, Chairman of Huge Energy, delivered a keynote speech and demonstrated the application of Huge Energy's transformation through digital intelligence, empowering multiple case scenarios, such as flexible brackets, tracking brackets, distributed rooftops, and ground level.

Huge Energy

In recent years, Huge Energy set up a senior R & D and production team and a comprehensive key laboratory, gathered many excellent top talents in the industry, formed a huge database in the global case, accumulated rich experience and efficient design and implementation of the solution ability, and with the world's authoritative organization RWDI and CPP cooperation to carry out a series of wind tunnel test, so that the reliability of each component of the structural system and the degree of match is better, we have always adhered to the development strategy of "project design and safety first," and has achieved the record of 10 years of zero quality and safety accidents.

Walking with Light for Development

During the same period of the forum, the Organizational Work Conference of All-China New Energy Chamber of Commerce and the Second Council of the Fifth Session, the Second Executive Council of the Fifth Session, and the Fifth President's Office of the Fifth Session were also held in synchronization, and Lai Hongze, the Chairman of Huge Energy, as the Vice President of All-China New Energy Chamber of Commerce, gave a speech on the stage, saying that he was very honored to be elected as the Vice President, and that Huge Energy, as a leading photovoltaic mounting solutions provider, looked forward to joining hands with all the colleagues and promoting the industry's development together.

Huge Energy

After more than 10 years of accumulation, China New Energy International Expo & Summit has a high industry influence at home and abroad. Huge Energy's attendance at the Summit not only shows the good quality of its products, but also highlights the brand strength of Huge Energy's globalization layout. Over the past 10 years, Huge Energy has continuously iterated its product design to achieve higher safety, reliability and stability of PV mounts. In the future, Huge Energy will continue to use technology and innovation to protect and efficiently operate PV power plants around the world.

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